Książę Harry odwołał wyjazd do Amsterdamu!

Wszyscy z zapartym tchem wyczekują narodzin pierwszego dziecka księcia Harryego oraz księżnej Meghan. Na początku tygodnia pojawiła się informacja, że 8 maja Harry ma odwiedzić Amsterdam, podano również, że do Holandii wyjedzie już jako tata. Jednak teraz niespodziewanie odwołał swój wyjazd.

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Today is #earthday - an opportunity to learn about, celebrate and continue to safeguard our planet, our home. The above, Their Royal Highnesses in Rotorua, New Zealand. Of the 170 different species originally planted in the early 1900's, only a handful of species, including these majestic Redwoods, remain today. Next, we invite you to scroll through a series of 8 photos taken by The Duke of Sussex(C)DOS sharing his environmental POV including: Africa's Unicorn, the rhino. These magnificent animals have survived ice ages and giant crocodiles, amongst other things! They have adapted to earth's changing climate continually for over 30 million years. Yet here we are in 2019 where their biggest threat is us. A critical ecosystem, Botswana's Okavango Delta sustains millions of people and an abundance of wildlife. Huge bush fires, predominantly started by humans, are altering the entire river system; the ash kills the fish as the flood comes in and the trees that don't burn become next year's kindling. Desert lions are critically endangered due partly to human wildlife conflict, habitat encroachment and climate change. 96% of mammals on our ? are either livestock or humans, meaning only 4% remaining are wild animals. Orca and Humpback whale populations are recovering in Norway thanks to the protection of their fisheries. Proof that fishing sustainably can benefit us all. Roughly 3/4 of Guyana is forested, its forests are highly diverse with 1,263 known species of wildlife and 6,409 species of plants. Many countries continue to try and deforest there for the global demand for timber. We all now know the damage plastics are causing to our oceans. Micro plastics are also ending up in our food source, creating not just environmental problems for our planet but medical problems for ourselves too. When a fenced area passes its carrying capacity for elephants, they start to encroach into farmland causing havoc for communities. Here @AfricanParksNetwork relocated 500 Elephants to another park within Malawi to reduce the pressure on human wildlife conflict and create more dispersed tourism. Every one of us can make a difference, not just today but every day. #earthday

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Kiedy urodzi się royal baby?

Na początku tego tygodnia media obiegła informacja, że książę Harry w dniach 8-9 maja ma odwiedzić Holandię. Nie byłoby w tym nic nadzwyczajnego gdyby nie fakt, że zagraniczna prasa zdobyła informacje, że książę nie ma zamiaru wyjeżdżać przed porodem małżonki.

Do Holandii książę Harry poleci jako ojciec! Nie zostawi Meghan samej w oczekiwaniu na narodziny potomka – twierdzi informator „People”

Teraz jednak pojawiły się informacje, że książę Harry musiał odwołać swój wyjazd do Amsterdamu.

Ze względu na logistykę podjęliśmy decyzję o przesunięciu zaplanowanej wizyty księcia Sussex do Amsterdamu w środę 8 maja 2019 roku. Książę planuje obecnie wyjechać do Hagi w czwartek 9 maja, aby rozpocząć grę Invictus The Hague 2020 zgodnie z planem - ogłosił rzecznik księcia

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Just one week ago, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex asked that you kindly consider supporting various organisations around the world in lieu of sending gifts for the upcoming arrival of their first born. Not only did many of you lend your support, you took action. Their Royal Highnesses wanted you to know the impact of your support - the direct effect your donation, energy, and action made! YOU chose to be part of the collective good, and you have made a real difference. Whether a $5 donation, ?1000 contribution, offering to volunteer, or spreading the word - you've played your part. And on behalf of The Duke and Duchess (and Baby Sussex), we thank you so much. YOUR IMPACT: @thelunchboxfund will now be able to provide a minimum of 100,000 additional hot nutritionally fortified meals to children in dire need across South Africa @littlevillagehq received donations from all over the world (from UAE to Hong Kong and the US), they've increased their monthly donors, had a surge in volunteer applications, and re-energized their hard working team of 200+ staff and volunteers @wellchild can now provide 300+ additional hours of specialist care by a Well Child Nurse for a child with serious health needs, allowing families to stay together at home vs in hospital @Baby2Baby have received over 5,000 products to disperse to children in need, including cribs, books, backpacks, diapers and have received monetary donations from around the globe - from Guadalajara to Italy. You made this happen. Thank you.

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Zasady obowiązujące podczas narodzin royal baby

Królowa Elżbieta II będzie pierwszą osobą, która dowie się o porodzie.

Oświadczenie o porodzie Meghan pojawi się w pierwszej kolejności na stronie royal.gov.uk, a następnie w serwisach społecznościowych rodziny królewskiej.

Potwierdzenie narodzin zostanie umieszczone na sztaludze na dziedzińcu Pałacu Buckingham. Zawiadomienie z podpisami lekarza odbierającego poród zostanie umieszczone na papierze firmowym Pałacu Buckingham. Wśród informacji zostaną podane płeć dziecka i godzina przyjścia na świat.

Imię pojawi się kilka dni po porodzie

Dziecko Harry’ego i Meghan będzie miało trzy lub cztery imiona. Królowa musi zatwierdzić imiona królewskich dzieci, które są najbliżej tronu.

Królewskie dziecko nie może mieć tytułu królewskiego. Chociaż królowa Elżbieta II ogłosiła w 2012 r., że wszystkie dzieci Williama i Kate będą tytułowane książę lub księżniczka, wiadomo, że tego samego tytułu nie otrzymają dzieci Harry’ego.

Przybycie królewskiego dziecka jest tradycyjnie naznaczone salutem strzelniczym przez Królewską Artylerię Konną Królewskiego Oddziału.

Chociaż nie wiadomo jeszcze, gdzie Meghan urodzi dziecko, nie ma wątpliwości, że mama będzie miała najlepszą możliwą opiekę.

Królewskie dziecko zostanie ochrzczone w replice koronkowej i satynowej sukni do chrztu Honitona, która została wykonana dla najstarszej córki królowej Wiktorii w 1941 roku.

Królewskie dziecko może mieć od czterech do siedmiu rodziców chrzestnych

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Today marks the 70th anniversary of the modern Commonwealth - a family of 53 countries working together to promote democracy, protect human rights, regenerate the environment, and focus not on what makes us different - but rather what we have in 'common.' What unites us versus what divides us. Representing nearly one third of the world's population, 60% of whom are under the age of 30, the Commonwealth also serves as a champion for youth empowerment, which is a key focus of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Her Majesty The Queen serves as patron of the @queens_commonwealth_trust, which Their Royal Highnesses proudly serve as President and Vice-President of. The Duke is also Commonwealth Youth Ambassador. Through The Duke and Duchess' Commonwealth travels, they have worked with and supported young leaders on mobilizing youth engagement, and working towards a more unified future that spearheads progress, sustainability, optimism, and taking action. With that said, Mozambique, a member state of the Commonwealth, is currently enduring Cyclone Kenneth, the most destructive natural disaster the northern coast has ever experienced. On the heels of Cyclone Idai (where over 1000 people lost their lives) this cyclone will leave the people of Mozambique victim to catastrophic flooding, food insecurity, displacement, and obliteration of their homes and villages. If you'd like to help, please visit DEC.org.uk Photo credit: Chris Jackson & Samir Hussein

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What an incredibly special surprise the grassroots led #globalsussexbabyshower was last Sunday! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are immensely grateful for the outpouring of love and support in anticipation of the birth of their first child. In lieu of sending gifts, the couple have long planned to encourage members of the public to make donations to select charities for children and parents in need. If you already made a donation, the couple send you their greatest thanks. If you are thinking about it, they ask that you kindly consider the following organisations they've selected, which we will highlight here over the next few days: @thelunchboxfund @littlevillagehq @wellchild @baby2baby The Duke and Duchess remain appreciative for your warm wishes and kindness during this especially happy time in their lives! Thank you for sharing the love ?

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