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Nowy trend: fitnesski pokazują niekorzystne zdjęcia!

Coraz więcej trenerek personalnych i instagramowych gwiazd promujących zdrowy tryb życia publikuje zdjęcia, na których widać wszelkie mankamenty ich ciał. Nawet one mają fałdki!

Nawet Ewa Chodakowska ma fałdki, a te fotografie udowadniają, że nie ma kobiet idealnych.

Bywa, że nawet trenerki fitness, które zawodowo spędzają lwią część swojego czasu na siłowni, czasami nie wyglądają perfekcyjnie. I nie boją się do tego przyznać! Na Instagramie pojawia się bowiem coraz więcej publikowanych przez nie niepozowanych zdjęć. Zobaczcie!

✖️✖️Perfectly Imperfect✖️✖️ This was definitely not the photo I intended to share. I realize Instagram is mostly a highlight reel and we share our very best photos but I want to be as real and transparent as I can with all of you beauties and show the 'imperfect' along with the highlights. Guys, I've had 3 beautiful babies.. that's 3 giant pregnancies.. along with 3 chances of stretch marks.. This body has been through a whole lot of changes! For that reason I will never judge someone else for their body. I don't know their story or what they've been through or the true strength that is within them. Imperfections make you real, approachable, human and one of a kind ❤️ #perfectlyimperfect #30secondtransformation

A photo posted by M a g g i e - BBG Week 84 (@jaeatleta) on

My Meal + Exercise Programs👆🏼Link in my bio! ~ My 3 second transformation! 😜 . - The left pic is with my tummy pushed out - the right is with my tummy flexed. 😉 . Your posture, angles, posing & lighting makes a big difference! Next time you look at a photo of someone who looks "perfect" online or in a magazine remind yourself that the person in the photo doesn't walk around looking like that! They're posed, in their best angles with a tight or flexed tummy in "good" lighting. Nobody is perfect! Nobody has the perfect life, body, face, relationship or family etc. We're all just imperfect humans. . Don't strive for "perfection" or compare yourself to anyone else - just focus on being your best and embrace being YOU! 💗 . We all need this reminder at times I think. ☺️😘 . . 👖Outfit: @reebok @reebokwomen . 🎥🏋🏽 Workout Videos: @emilyskyefitness . 💄Beauty page: @emilyskyebeauty . 2️⃣ Backup: @emily_skye2 . .

A photo posted by EMILY SKYE (@emilyskyefit) on

Before and after...dinner!! 😝 While most of the time you only see the photo on the left, after my cheat meals I end up looking like the photo on the right 😁 I bloat very easily, even with eating healthy foods and I can go from lean to looking 4 months pregnant after one bad meal. I wanted to share this to show that bloating happens and it's nothing to be mad at yourself for, more people struggle with bloating than you realize. It's just that we don't normally see that side - so you're not alone! While bloating definitely can be a sign of food intolerances (which you should get checked out to be sure you don't have an actual intolerance or allergy), it also can be just that this is how your body reacts after a day's worth of food, like me. And no, I'm not pushing my stomach out in the after photo. Anytime I bloat like this, it's almost always gone by the morning or if I had more than one cheat meal and end up bloated for a few days, it always goes away after a few days of being back on track. Don't let a little bit of bloating derail you, it happens and can easily go away with consistent healthy eating, water, and not to mention a great workout 😊 #fbggirls #realtalk #foodbaby www.annavictoria.com/guides

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LET'S TALK ABOUT BLOAT, BABY. So last night I went out with some friends to one of my all time favorite restaurants, and I had some fried crab rangoons, an egg roll, and some fried rice. Then I went and had 3 drinks while out, and this was what it looked like when I came home. This is NOT a transformation. This is a #30secondbeforeandafter and I guarantee that this morning I look 87% better than the second photo because my body has had time to digest. A lot of people follow me because they want my abs/ want to know secrets to getting them, and they think I'm like this magical unicorn that walks around with a 6 pack all day. Trust me, Not true. I bloat like a MF just like everyone else! Bloat is natural and literally happens to EVERYONE. The only way you can avoid it is to not eat 🚫DO NOT DO THAT PLEASE EAT FOOD. But I just wanted to put this out there that I'm not perfect, I bloat, and I don't look ripped all the time (ps my grandmas bathroom lighting Is not as good as my old bathroom as well 😩 but whatever!) PS currently have 2 phones so this is my American one and the iPhone 6 is my British, in case anyone was wondering why I downgraded. You will see them both on photos. - #bloat #notatransformation #foodbaby #foodcoma

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